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Tanzania Safaris

Top Climbers Expedition offer 4 division of safari; named as super luxury lodges/camps safari, luxury lodges/camps safari, mid-range lodges/camps safari as well as basic camping safari.

Tanzania Budget Camping Safaris

Tanzania Mid-Range Safaris

Tanzania Luxury Safaris

Tanzania Super Luxury Safaris

Basic Camping Safari

Budget camping safari is the ideal way for those who like to “rough it” as we provide mostly bivouac pop-up tents for accommodation whereby mattresses are laid on the sewn-in ground sheet. The tents are spacious enough for two people and they have a mesh on each window to keep off insects. Basic washroom facilities are available in the public campsites, and are shared by everyone at the campsite. Campsites are the most basic of accommodations in terms of facilities and amenities. However, out here you will most likely have the most authentic experience and get as close to nature as nowhere else.



Our Super Mid-range lodges/camps safari offers two to three-star services. It provides the bare essentials with some comfort quality. In addition to the comfort and hygiene essentials, the amenities for the guest are of a significantly higher quality and appeal than to that of a 1 Star Hotel



Our Super luxury lodges/camps safari offers Four-star services. It provides above average, deluxe service and experience for the guest. The lodges/camps has larger range of facilities available and the design is high quality. All service standards are aimed towards pleasing the guest.


Our Super luxury lodges/camps safari offers Five-star services.  It provides the guests with the highest levels of luxury through personalized services, a vast range of amenities, and sophisticated accommodations.