Ascending Kilimanjaro with a mountain climbing organization and a professional mountain guide will greatly improve your chances of success. We have been guiding Kilimanjaro climbs for near 10 years with a true summit success rate of more than 95%, while touting one of the highest success and safety records in the industry.

We are consistently, year after year, ranked among the best of the best outfitters running Kilimanjaro expeditions.

I will forever be grateful to Top Climbers Expedition for making my Kilimanjaro summit such a wonderful experience. Top Climbers Expedition are true professionals and incredibly nice people. From the first email enquiry, and throughout the multiple exchanges of email questions Manase was patient, polite and thorough. Everything went exactly as planned. The hotel accommodation pre and post trek were terrific. The nine day Northern Circuit Trek was amazing...
We will forever be grateful for the incredible experience we had with Top Climbers! They are a well-organized, local Tanzanian company who provide such an excellent service. Everyone on the team was friendly, encouraging, helpful and fun! 1. Communication with Manase was great. 2. Guides: Laraha, Simon, and Fadhili were incredible! Each night they checked our pulse and oxygen, and talked about the plan for the next day. We had a great experience with them! 3. Chef: Saidi made the best food! All meals were excellent and more than we ever expected...


All of our guides are well-versed in high-altitude medicine and are Wilderness First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician certified. Our guides have generally been in the field more than 10 years with particular expertise on Kilimanjaro. 

We carry oxygen, a medical kit, a satellite phone, and local communications equipment on each expedition. After nearly a decade, we have a superb safety record. You are traveling with medically trained mountain guides who have assisted climbers year after year. Our guides are all Wilderness First Responder certified (rare for local guides) and perform daily fitness checks for all of our climbers using pulse oximeters and their high-altitude medical knowledge to assess and monitor climber health and well-being.

We employ local guides and generally have a 2:1 or a 3:1 climber-to-guide ratio. This usually depends on size of the group as well as any extra ordinary safety requirement that we may have to account for.

We offer carefully planned, highly nutritious meals prepared by trained chefs on the mountain; food quality is one of the highest praises we receive. It is not just about the great food, but getting the right food on such a demanding climb. As a climbing company (as opposed to a safari or light trekking company), we understand what and how people need to eat while in the mountains. We are happy to give you an outline of our menu plan. The quality of our expedition food is well-known for all our expeditions but is something special on Kilimanjaro.

Outstanding tent locations on the mountain (it’s one of the most frequent kudos we receive).

We use high-quality dining tents and provide toilet tents with a commode at each of our camps. These are water-based flushable toilets.

For example: our private toilet tents are a sit-down style hygienic, Porta Potty toilet. The toilet has a seat, and a toilet bowl, which can be flushed by a small hand pump. The waste is then emptied into the lower storage tank by gently pulling on a handle and opening a trap door.

Inside the toilet tent is a garbage bag for all paper and feminine products, so they may be removed from the mountain as garbage. The human waste is dumped into the national park toilets in each camp.

These private toilet tents are maintained and cleaned in each camp by dedicated toilet staff. They are available in all camps, and at our sit down lunches midday and are used only by Top Climbers’ clients. They are a much cleaner and more hygienic system than the pit toilets that the national park provides.

We are proud partners of the Kilimanjaro Porters Program. As part of this project, we can guarantee that our porters are paid among the highest wages. This fosters our relationship with the local Tanzanian community and assists with local schools.

Top Climbers has a fully stocked store of high quality gear. We understand that it is not necessary to buy all the different gear you might need for high altitude walking expeditions. At the same time, we simply cannot let our clients start off unprepared.

We offer freshly washed and clean gear that you might need at very reasonable prices. 

Top Climbers has likely the highest success rate of any guide service, with about 96% summit success over the past decade. This statistic includes all climbers, not filtered by group as some outfitters do. Some even claim rates as high as 99% (a near statistical impossibility).