Cave, Waterfalls & Coffee 1 Day Cycling Tour


Tour Overview

Find out more about the incredible natural caves that can be reached by bike from Moshi.  With your packed lunch and an enthusiatic guide, you can discover the caves and rock formations that many tourists never get to see.   This one day trip can be combined with other activities like waterfalls and Coffee tour.


At 8:00hrs,We ride our bicycle to Marangu Gate (1900m), the starting point for all Kilimanjaro treks via the Marangu Route. You will have the opportunity to take pictures of the mighty Kilimanjaro and get a sense of the spirit of the mountain. The area around Marangu is home to the local Chagga tribe and you will learn all about their history and traditions on this full day excursion. Our second stop will be visit a small coffee farm, where you will learn about how the coffee is grown, harvested and processed locally. Try your own hand at processing, roasting and preparing a fresh cup of coffee. Once you have finished enjoying your coffee break, we will depart for the Ndoro Waterfalls. Our hike to the base of the waterfall will lead us through lush green landscape and the descend takes approximately 1 hour. Here you have the opportunity to relax and take a refreshing bath in the pool of the waterfall. Another highlight will be the visit to the Chagga Underground Caves and the Chagga Live Museum. In times of drought, the Maasai migrated up the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, in search of food and water. They enslaved and killed the local Chagga people. In defence of these attacks, the Chagga built an extensive network of underground caves. Your guide will lively illustrate the conflict while you visit the caves. We then continue to spend some time at the Chagga Live Museum, a small outdoor museum, which will give you further insides into traditional Chagga life. Our tour also includes a Chagga culinary taste, when we stop for lunch in a small restaurant. Here you will be served a traditional hot meal, later you will also have the chance to try the local spirits such as banana beer and wine.,Then visiting the Blacksmith to learn how this community make iron tools like spears etc. Bike to Himo and We will put the bikes on the carrier and drive back to Moshi.

  • Total distance: 30km
  • Riding Level: Challenging and Moderate
  • Path: Paved road and Rough road
  • Highlights: Coffee tour, Cave tour, Experience Chagga Culture, Visiting Chagga Museum and Hiking to the Waterfalls

Prices for Cave, Waterfalls & Coffee 1 Day Cycling Tour